Patriotic Garland in 10 minutes

Patriotic Garland

The season for red, white and blue 🇺🇸 is here! Are you looking for fun patriotic crafts that your kids can try? Look no further, engage your kids in making this fun easy-to-do flag-themed Patriotic Garland! You can make this within 10 minutes. Your kids will definitely love it!

Planning on throwing a 4th of July party for your friends and family? This would be an excellent 4th of July decoration. So go try this DIY Patriotic Garland Today!

What you need?

How to make this Patriotic Garland in 10 minutes?

Step 1: Fold & Cut the Garland Triangles

Fold your gift tissue paper into half 4 times as shown below to create a small square.

1st Fold - Patriotic Garland
1st Fold
2nd Fold - Patriotic Garland
2nd Fold
3rd Fold - Patriotic Garland
3rd Fold
4th Fold - Patriotic Garland
4th Fold

From the folded edge, cut the sides of the triangle as shown below

Marked edges of the Triangle
Cut Edges of the Triangle
Triangle Ready - Garland

Repeat the process for other colors.

Step 2: Stick and Stack the Triangles

First, glue the bottom corner of the triangle so that it does not move. Do it for all the triangles

Stick different color triangles on top of each other to create one big triangle that can be used as one piece of the garland as shown below.

Glue first triangle
Glue Second Triangle

Tip: Only put glue on areas that will overlap and not the visible areas. If you don’t, you might end up with a sticky mess.

Garland Piece Ready

Repeat the process till you have enough pieces to make the garland for your decoration.

Step 3: Assemble the Garland

To assemble the garland, you would need to pass the string through the open end of the top triangle as shown below.

Pass string through the Garland Piece

Tip: To avoid the triangles from sliding, you can either glue them to the string or use scotch tape.

Your Patriotic 🇺🇸 Garland is ready!

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Patriotic Garland
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