Ikea Table Lamp Makeover

Wondering what to do with the old lamp lying around in your basement? Time to clean it up and use your DIY skills to transform it into an industrial style table lamp. This DIY table lamp makeover requires an industrial or edison bulb and an oil-based paint pen.

If the lamp base has lost its color or is dull, spray paint it white. Nervous about how you would design the lamp? Draw simple triangles, lines and circles on it; you can use stencils as well!
Let’s get started now, checkout the DIY Ikea Table Lamp Makeover instructions below.

What you need?

Oil-based black paint pen, Industrial style bulb, Old lamp base

You can click the items above to purchase them online.

How to design the industrial-style table lamp?

Step 1: Get your old lamp ready

Remove the old lamp shade and wipe the base clean. Use alcohol wipes to remove any dust particles. If the lamp base is dull or has lost color, spray paint it white. If you decide to spray paint the base, let the base dry for 24-48 hours before you move to the next step.

Step 2: Replace the bulb

Buy an Edison or industrial bulb 💡 using the link I provided above or you can purchase it in store. Make sure you pick the right size and watts when ordering the bulb. The bulb in the picture was bought from Ikea. They have tons of options and the price is quite reasonable.

Step 3: Paint design on the lamp base

Paint your design on the lamp using an oil-based paint pen. Use stencils or draw simple circles, lines and triangles on the lamp base. You can draw anything on it and it would still look pretty 🙂
Once the design dries out, just plug and light your table lamp.

Ikea Lamp Makeover Closeup

Your lamp is now alive! 🧟‍♀️

DIY Ikea Lamp Makeover Zoomed Out

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