DIY Laundry Room Ideas on a Budget

DIY Laundry Room Ideas on a Budget

Nobody enjoys doing Laundry 🧺 😪 ! It doesn’t mean you can’t make the process less annoying. A simple way of doing this is by improving the aesthetics of the space. You don’t have to spend crazy amount of money 💰 to make your laundry room beautiful. You can start by making small changes like painting the cabinets or walls.
Checkout these Budget-friendly and Easy DIY Laundry Room Ideas!

1. Paint the Wall or use Wallpaper

Inject your laundry room with bright hues and personality by painting the walls or adding a wallpaper. Look for easy-to-clean semigloss paint or wallpapers for your laundry room.

I decided on doing Diamond shape/Lattice Wall Art in my Laundry Room. All you need is painters tape and some paint. You can use leftover paint from other projects 😁

Get the tutorial for Diamond Tape Wall Art

Before - DIY Laundry Room Ideas on a Budget
DIY Laundry Room Ideas - After - Tape Wall Art 2

2. Redecorate/ Reorganize the Space

  • Add more storage space by using scrap wood to build shelves. I recently remodeled my kitchen and managed to reuse the kitchen cabinets in the laundry room. I repainted my old brown kitchen cabinets to white.
  • Make your own storage baskets. I made mine by using things I bought at Dollar tree.

Get the tutorial for DIY Storage Bins/Baskets

DIY Storage Bins
DIY Storage Basket
  • Add decorating elements like Laundry Quotes Canvas, indoor plants to make the space feel alive.
  • I designed my own Laundry Quotes Canvas. You can download it for free by clicking the ‘Download’ button below.
Wash Dry Fold Wall Decor- DIY Laundry Room Ideas

Checkout these other cool DIY Laundry Room Ideas

🧺 Stacked to Flat with Extra Storage

Extra Storage DIY Laundry Room


🧺 Brighten up that Laundry Room Wall

Bright Color DIY Laundry Room


🧺 Pretty Chic and Organized

Pretty Chic and Organized DIY Laundry Room


🧺 Updated Flooring and Add a Colorful Door

Updated Flooring and Colorful DIY Laundry Room


🧺 White and Wood Upgrade

White and Wood DIY Laundry Room Upgrade


🧺 White and Black Upgrade

White and Black DIY Laundry Room Upgrade


🧺 Stacked, Organized and Clean

Stacked, Organized and Clean DIY Laundry Room


🧺 Add Baskets and Plants to Jazz Up


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